Eat Tokyo, Soho

There are so many Japanese restaurants in Soho that at times you may wonder which one to go to; which one is the best; which is worth going to…Well if you love Japanese food, the one to try in Soho is Eat Tokyo.

As described on their website, Eat Tokyo is the perfect venue to sample Japanese food. Eat Tokyo as a company, has been running restaurants in Tokyo and London for more than 40 years.

This is a popular restaurant and you know it’s great when even Japanese people join the queue. We’ve been here three times and we always had to queue. There is even a queue 15 minutes before its even open on a Saturday. Be prepared to wait about 30 minutes. It’s easier if there is only two of you. When we went, there was four of us and we waited about 45 minutes but it was definitely worth the wait.

Once inside, be prepared to spend at least five minutes going through their menu, it may seem a long time, but it’s definitely worth your while. What’s great about their menu, is that there are many illustrations to help novices sample some of their amazing food and hidden delights.

Dishes include sushi, sashimi, bento boxes, nigiri, chirashi, and unagi.

We’ve sampled so much and each time, we have not been disappointed. There is so much more for us to try that we can’t wait to go back there again.

The Soho branch is located just off Shaftesbury Avenue. Good news is that they have three more branches, one in Golders Green, in Nottinghill Gate, and finally, one will be opening next week at Trafalgar Square!

For more information visit

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