LomoKino Presents: A Film in Kurosawa


There’s something about this film that makes it hard for you not to repeatedly click replay. From the somewhat eery, synthesized sounds, to the stark black and white images and intense contrast, the movie has qualities found in Japanese cinema. Have a watch and share your impressions!

The noticeable jumps from frame-to-frame, particularly in the opening, with the claw like tree trunk, sets the mood which I found to be grim and even a bit frightening, particularly when the bold Kanji characters appear floating between the twisted branches.

Movie by merder

This piece documents people in what appears to be a smaller town. In the square we see a cluster of people – first one, then others, squat down for a purpose unknown to us. This depiction of the town in winter, as we can assume by the display of warm clothing, adds to the gloom and to an extent channels the style of great director Akira Kurosawa who often directed period films that focused on those on the margins of society.

This piece is a point of reflection, for both filmmakers paying attention to the elements of style used and for us as individuals, imagining the depicted scene talking place before us, with the chatter and color that would flood our senses and undoubtedly shift our mood.

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