LomoKino Presents: The Vintage Advantage

The advantage to being vintage, or appearing so, is that your subject matter shines through – as though they were shot in the era in which what we now call vintage was ‘new’.

.The Pin-up.

✘ Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/32741952<figcaption>Movie by ["reneg88":http://www.lomography.com/homes/reneg88]</figcaption>

When there’s a pin-up, such as in the film with an unmistakable air of authenticity to it above, Betty Grable isn’t far from the mind! Grable made photographic history with her famous 1943 pin-up photo – popular among soldiers at the time. It was among the 100 Photos that Changed the World project by LIFE Magazine.

Here is selection of these photos, among them is Grable's.

Photo via Wikipedia

Velvet Abbey Road – LomoKino

Movie by mattiapiazzano

John?! Wait, false alarm. Just when you though there was no more room for finding hidden messages in the Abbey Road album cover scene (think “Paul is dead”) “Velvet Abbey Road” goes and captures a John look-a-like walking, much as the artist himself did, across a zebra crossing!

Alright so this is somewhere in Milan and not London, though it’s possible the Beatles could have crossed the road featured in this LomoKino film when they were in Milan in 1965 to kick off their series of performances in Italy during their European tour. We love the velvety feel administered through use of the Tungsten film.

Photo via The Beatles Album Covers

Live: Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan, Italy: The Beatles Bible
A selection from 100 Photographs That Changed the World: The Digital Journalist

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