Analogue Coverage of Public Events: Bandung Bike Week 2011


Bandung Bike Week is a very popular and well known event. This year, I decided to come to that event and see with my own eyes what really happened on Bandung Bike Week 2011. If you were anywhere near the city during the weekend, you will know or at least hear the noise these bikes are creating.

WOW! that was the first word that came out of my mouth! Motorcycles line the main roads of Bandung, Diponegoro street in front of Gedung Sate, the trademark of Bandung.This event was a big big success, and there was so many motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Indonesia, I think there were more than 5,000 people who showed up for this event to witness 1,000 bikes with 1,000 girls as pillion. Yeah, 1,000 girls on 1,000 bikes. That’s a world record!

Machine and babes

This event is so called “The World Record” or breaking a new world record for 1,000 girls on 1,000 bikes. I think that was the main attraction of Bandung Bike Week 2011. Oh well, it was a sunny day and I decided to go there with @istionojr. We shot bikes and babes, what else? but I was so amazed by the motorcycle enthusiasts.

Some of the attractions of bike week in Bandung include thousands of motorcycles, many of them custom built and extraordinary, bike competitions, and much more. Everyone had a great time. Bike week in Bandung is a time of motorcycles, crowds, and lots of women and bikers all having a good time. I think I should go more often to events like these. Good people, Good event, good times. What more can I say?

08thzolt, istionojr, and adi_totp

And lastly, here’s a picture of me and my friends istionojr and 08thzolt who tagged along to take pictures of the event. Until next time!

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