UK CitySlicker Jessica: A View of London


This is the story of how I ventured my way into the analogue world — my unique take on the magnificent view of the ol’ London Town while shooting with my Diana F+!

Name: Jessica Bailey
Age: 20
University: University of Westminster
City: London

Meanwhile, in the fog…

Hello there, I’m Jessica (Jess, Jessic, even but NOT Jessie) and I’m studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. This article, therefore, should be amazing. Huh. Let’s see. Read on! Here, have some words by me for dual purpose: identification and embarrassing evidence of my new venture into the world of the analogue! Hence, this first atrocity where I very imaginatively just looked up from my desk and snapped…badly:

So new, in fact, that I’m only just growing out of my adolescence of analogue apps for iPhones. Judge – I’ll not complain! I’m learning, though. So, London then! What a large, scary topic. A capital, a metropolis of vast, overwhelming proportions. Though sometimes, London can look like this:

We usually have a twice-a-day showing of Singing In The Rain (well not so much singing as Swearing In The Rain) and this often inspires the mood of my immediate area (or in fact, me) and can make it difficult to be jolly shaking my wet hair out like a dog. But still, I’d live nowhere else. Honestly. Sure, you have to carve out a corner for yourself: you kind of need to sift through London to find your niche. But seek out the gems, and when you do, it’s a reward in itself! Hence, this dreamlike image of Hyde Park on a lazy Sunday where it just so happened to be a sunny winter day, too:

Though London’s come in for a bit of stick recently – no city- and this capital in particular- is perfect. And yes, it can be an intimidating place at times. But the history, the soul if you like of the place has always been a redeeming feature for me: Trafalgar Square on a crisp, winter morning, dusk on the Millennium Bridge, St James’s Park on a scorcher, Saturdays at The South Bank…the lists, the memories go on and on. For example, this shot from the balcony of the Tate Modern is a go to for pictures, visited when it first opened in 2000:

Though I’ve always tried to write these experiences and how they can make me feel, a picture says just as much, and an analogue picture does even more – imbuing richer colour or an effect is another layer of emotion or connection to what you’re taking a picture of. I’ve found this to be the case, anyway. And if any city needs a bit of imbuing, it’s London! As shown in this delightfully kitsch shot of one of the Barbican Towers, circa ’73:

I’m not so good with talking about me (for a writer, I know, it’s shocking) but I can tell you the basics – A Londoner all my life, I enjoy reading, playing the piano, shooting with my Diana F+ (obviously) and…medium build, I’d guess. See, told you I was rubbish.

So I guess the moral of the story is give it a chance, search until you find your perfect coffee, or bench, or bookshop, or bar and carve out your London. Oh, and bring an umbrella. Good Luck! I leave you with a rare and pretty thing – a blue sky in November.

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Nice layout.

  2. victorian
    victorian ·

    Thanks, gvelasco! I certainly gave it my best shot!

  3. weaver
    weaver ·

    This story makes me miss london. i want to go baaackkk and take pics with my holgs :)

  4. victorian
    victorian ·

    Come back - do it! Thanks!

  5. rockyrelay
    rockyrelay ·

    This is lovely, makes me miss London too! Love the Hyde Park shot :)

  6. victorian
    victorian ·

    Thanks very much! all this missing London - the tourist board owes me a fortune!

  7. victorian
    victorian ·

    Tried to find another way to broadcast this without adding another comment but thank you to all that liked this article - slightly overwhelmed!

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