UK CitySlicker Georgia: Norwich - Finer Than Fine!


There is more to Norwich than Alan Partridge jokes, Delia Smith, and Stephen Fry (although I can’t get enough of them to be honest). Welcome to one of the greenest cities in the UK, and certainly one of the prettiest!

Credits: rockyrelay

Name: Georgia
Age: 19
School/University: University of East Anglia
City, Country: Norwich, UK

Hello, bonjour, howdy do, my name is Georgia and I was born and raised in one of the world’s best cities; London! I love my home city, from the dregs to the immaculate, but I am going to show you around what I think is one of the UK’s special little (especially!) delicacies, and that would be what Stephen Fry calls “a fine city, none finer” – Norwich!

It is no news to anyone that London is an analogue dreamland. Unsurprisingly I felt a little sad at having to temporarily leave behind the red buses for white ones (what a stupid colour for a bus!) all for my love of reading – I am now in my second year of studying English and American Literature at the University of East Anglia. So armed with my fisheye and my beloved Olympus OM-10 I trotted off with my Ushanka to Norwich. Well, I am proud to say I was pleasantly surprised at this quaint little city. It thrives with culture of all kinds; art, music, history, and a copious amount of churches! I actually live opposite an old and beautiful graveyard. What a perfect introduction to the Norwich scenery.

Victorian graveyard delights!

Norwich has definitive arty feel to it. Just up the road from where I live is a picturesque little street called St. Benedicts Street. It is full of pretty little shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, and again, plenty of churches! All within a small radius!

St. Benedicts Street love.

There is even a church of art: St. Margarets.

The best kind of church.

It is aptly situated just seconds from the Norwich Art Centre, an intimate music venue – my favourite in Norwich. Though the prettiest place down St. Benedicts would have to be The Bicycle Shop! It is a gorgeous little café-bar that hosts occasional gigs downstairs, an absolute must see if you’re in Norwich. How can you resist a place with a bicycle as a shop sign?

Beware of van obstruction.

When I’m not reading or taking pictures I’m usually playing video games. What a little gem this was when I found it! Worth the ten minute walk twice over.

From Xbox 360 to the Commodore 64.

A little off from St Benedicts is Pottergate; another charming little street. I recently found out that it was host to Britain’s oldest headshop. I confess I am not too experienced with headshops but if you are what is a better reason to visit Norwich? There is also The Birdcage, another arty pub/bar which fabulously decorated inside. A little bird told me that Tim Burton visited there recently. Who knows! Pottergate also has the coolest skate shop I have ever seen named Drug Store.


I can’t talk about Norwich without talking about UEA. The grounds are stunning come rain or shine, especially the lake. I haven’t had a disappointing shot yet! Main campus buildings involve some ugly-but-lovely concrete architecture (which juxtaposes perfectly with the newer postmodern accommodation). We also have the Grade II listed Ziggurats which have been in a Levi ad, and on the cover of The Streets latest album. Interesting, but the library really does it for me!

Lovely stuff.

This is Norwich in a nutshell, for me at least. There is plenty more to show, and a little more depth to delve. Ciao for now!

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  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    Love the article!!! I went on an academic exchange to UEA acouple of years ago and LOVED it :) I look foward to reading your next article

  2. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Nice article and some great photos!

  3. rockyrelay
    rockyrelay ·

    Thank you, thank you :)

  4. bertie
    bertie ·

    Awesome article, can't wait to hear more! X

  5. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    I enjoyed reading this, while taking a photo tour of your city :)

  6. nickyb
    nickyb ·

    well done :-)

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