Spotted: Holga on an Online Children's Game Moshi Monsters


Moshi Monsters is an online game aimed at children where you can adopt your own monster, you can then collect smaller monsters called moshlings. One of the newest moshlings is a camera named Holga who lives on 35 mil hill on Shutter Island.

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Moshi Monsters is the latest phenomenon for children under 12 and since its release in 2008 it has attracted around 50 million users. When you sign up you are given your own monster you must care for and look after.

Moshlings are then pets for you monster that you can collect by growing certain flowers, finding hidden places or completing missions. Imagine my shock when watching my 7 year old niece play to see a Holga camera pop up as one of the new moshlings. Holga appears during a mission to save pop star moshi Lady Goo Goo’s voice that has been stolen by an evil organization run by evil mastermind Dr. Strangeglove. According to Holga’s biography its likes include towering tripods and hot celebrities, whilst its dislikes being lack of focus and shaky hands. Holga is also available as a small collectable figure if you fancy getting your hands on one without having to play the game.

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The Holga CFN 120 is a medium format icon known for taking lo-fi images. It now comes with a built-in flash that bathes you shots with yellow, red, blue, or clear light. If the Holga misty, vignette look is not enough for you, try the Diana F+ for dreamier, softer shots.

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