LomoKino Presents: Come Fly With Me... to Brazil!

The movies are rolling in and, just as the thousands of photos have done, in weaving stories and documenting all the beautiful spots that make up the world, so too are these LomoKino productions! Join us after the jump, or more like flight, in visiting the largest country in South America!

“Carry On”… to Brazil!

A football/soccer match where you can hear everyone’s heart beat in unison, where you can get a feel for the country’s favorite pastime, is yours to be a spectator in – if one can be called a spectator when never in their seat, functioning as head cheerleader, and often coach – in “LomoKino no Pacaembú”!

Movie by caioantunes

In “Dia da Rua by LomoKino”, have a small taste of the culture of music and celebrations of the country. Dia da Rua is a music festival in the famous Rio de Janeiro district – Ipanema – immortalized by the bossa nova hit “The Girl from Ipanema”. And, bossa nova, so you know, is a popular style music where its name “bossa” alludes to the charm and natural flair the sweet sounds come across as having.

Get your feet-in-the-sand fix at a beautiful, world famous beach – the Copacabana Beach! Chances are you aren’t the only one with this thought in mind, but no fear, you bypass the crowds in “Drummond” and stroll, carefree, along the promenade lined with restaurants, bars and apartments for as far as the long, long beach stretches!

Credits: kernow_and_cambria

And when you do get a chance to travel to Brazil, be sure to pay us a visit in Rio de Janerio and Meet the Lomography Brazil Team! Or in São Paulo, after the grand opening of the city’s Gallery Store November 29th!

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