The Making of: Meet Me at the Rabbit Hole


Here’s a tipster about how to make a lovely lomographic collage. You can try it yourself! It’s easy and fun!

So here’s what you need:

  • Some creativity
  • Some prints of your lomographs
  • A scissor
  • Glue
  • A piece of cardboard (or something else you want to use as background)

Step 1: Choose some pictures

Choose the pictures you want to use in your collage. Maybe you have a certain concept in mind, like a colour theme or a song you are inspired by. You can also just choose pictures that you like and that fit well together. Choose as many pictures as you want. Be creative!

Here, you can see the pictures I used for my collage:

Step 2: Prepare your pictures

Maybe you need your pictures at a different size than the original. In that case you can resize and crop them on your computer (in photoshop or paint) prior to printing. I wanted to use the apple, but needed it to be smaller, so I resized it in my photo program and printed it several times.

Step 3: Cut, arrange and stick

Cut out the objects you want to use and arrange the different pieces and pictures until you are satisfied with the result. Now glue it and stick it on a steady background. I simply used a piece of cardboard, but of course you can use any other background you like.

‘Meet Me at the Rabbit Hole’:

Now it’s your turn! :)

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  1. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    like how you have used the instant photos as well as pieces from others :)

  2. pfingstroeschen
    pfingstroeschen ·

    yay, i have the perfect white rabbit to make a similar collage! :)

  3. yarah
    yarah ·

    I know that rabbit!!! It's from Nijmegen isn't it?

  4. ohpleasedontgo
    ohpleasedontgo ·

    @yarah: Yes it is. As well as the trees ;) (waalstrand in lent)

  5. kimberlymade
    kimberlymade ·

    Love this tipster! Nice work.

  6. rhemaangel
    rhemaangel ·

    I would suggst using a piece of acid-free mat board or fome-core for the background. You can pick up smaller pieces (aka offcuts) from framers really cheaply. I also get blanks from eBay.

    Also use an acid-free glue designed for photos & scrapbooking.

    It would be a shame to put all that work into an image to just have it discolour & disintegrate over the years because good materials weren't used in the assembly of the collage.

  7. mariaratfingers
    mariaratfingers ·

    beautiful work!!

  8. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    wow, I love it!

  9. grazie
    grazie ·

    love it! great tipster ;)
    maybe I can do something for a card for someone :)

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