UK CitySlicker Sian: Oh Hey, Exeter!


Lomography UK picked a few students to become ambassadors for their city to show you what they’re all about. Meet Sian from Exeter and get a taste of the little city with a lot going on.

Name: Sian Keen
Age: 20
University: University of Exeter
City/Country: Exeter, United Kingdom.

Hello fellow Lomo-ers! My name is Sian (aka my alta-ego,Ivygold) and I’m here to cover all things weird and wonderful about Exeter. It’s still early days for me and photography, but my Holga 120N and Diana F+ have been patient with me as I potter slowly through my film (I treasure the little film I can afford!).

I’m currently a second year Drama student trying to discover what it is I want to do in a year or so time (wow, that’s pretty daunting) and enjoying the city in the process. I want to share the inside workings of new upcoming theatre busy-bodies in my department and the city itself.

Devon, the county that brought us the likes of Muse, cream teas and the Cornish Pasty makes me think it’s only fair that Exeter gets a touch of coverage don’t cha think? Exeter is a beautiful city that maybe a bit on the small side but is bursting with inspiration, just ask Miss J.K Rowling herself. Take a wander down Gandy Street to get lost in the cosy one off shops and cocktails bars or pop into Boston Tea Party (I cannot get enough of this place) and get cosy with your insert favourite hot drink here in the jumbled assortment of furniture with friends or a book.

If you prefer to find out what goes on after dark there’s always The Cavern, a small underground club that is well known by students for its occasional quirky Electroswing and magic hat stand nights that go down a treat, but whilst you wait for your calendar to hit those dates there’s always Indieclub Saturday and drum and bass Wednesday. For live music I’d recommend Mama Stones, owned by the mother of Miss Joss Stone herself, it showcases some great talent and being a student how can I resist the free curry and ½ price cocktails on encore Tuesdays? And last but not least the Firehouse, giant pizzas in baskets and sangria, need I say more?

If you are interested in theatre then The Bike Shed is lovely. A small independent theatre that holds no more that about 50 or so people with an intimate stage platform to compliment nicely. You get some really lovely and interesting theatre here and the atmosphere is so relaxed. Students in my department have recently put on a new monthly event called ‘Writer’s Bloc’ for those who wish to take a stab at writing 2 to 5 minute scripts for the stage and seeing them in action. So many interesting things spring up here from the drama department I love being right in the centre of it.

Last but not at all least, the university campus itself. Rolling hills which really are quite stunning in the middle of a beautiful autumn, Exeter university campus is surrounded by beautiful scenery that can be quite uplifting during the one too many hung over stumbles onto campus.
I probably could ramble on about this city, the vintage shops, the people and all its loveliness for ages but let’s save that for another time. Lastly, if you ever venture this way this time of year, grab a hot flask of whatever you fancy, bung on a coat and stick your favourite artist on your ipod, iphone etc and take in the sights. Exploring is the best bit.

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    Good stuff! I look forward to more. :)

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