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A Little Farm in a Big City


Once upon a time there was a small, little, tiny farm in a big, large… and really not-that-huge city. :)

Credits: saidseni

Quinta Pedagógica dos Olivais is a small farm in Lisbon. I think it intends to give city folks contact with the life in the countryside, especially children. It shows city kids animals that they probably would never see otherwise and it’s a pleasant place to spend the afternoon.

Credits: saidseni

The last time I went to this place I wanted to take pictures of the animals, mostly cows. In the end I didn’t pay much attention to the cow, I totally fell in love with the goats! They are so friendly and it seems that they enjoy posing!

Credits: saidseni

The white horse is the star of the farm for sure. He is beautiful and fond of human contact too!

Credits: saidseni

The baby pigs are very cute and I found the signs with their birth dates on the pens very sweet for some reason. :)

Credits: saidseni

The donkeys were the ones that seemed more unfit to me. I’m not sure if they enjoy it as much as the others but all the animals seemed well treated. I think they are very pretty too.

Credits: saidseni

It is a perfect place for children and you can see signs of them everywhere. The scarecrows are really cool and were most probably made by them.

Credits: saidseni

I must confess I’m not very fond of visiting places where animals are kept in captivity but this farm looked like a good place to me. As a city person that likes animals and nature, I’m really thankful for places where I can easily go to have a bit of contact with them.

The entrance is free if you just want to visit and it is possible to arrange activities and tours. You can see more information here

Credits: saidseni

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    Parece-me um bom lugar para visitar :)

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