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Welcome to this weeks issue of Pandre’s Shopping Guide. With both the Diana World Tour along with it the Diana F+ El Toro Edition hitting Spain and the World Pinhole Day rapidly approaching be sure to find something special in this weeks guide!

120 Single Rolls available now!

After adding countless films over the years to our film category, it was about to time to reboot! Please check out our relaunched 120 film section. After constant requests have been sent we have now made it possible for you to purchase single rolls of films in addition to 5 or 10 packs!

Keep watching this space as we will soon relaunch our 35mm category!

Diana F+ El Toro Edition

Hola, señoras y señores! After successful trips to Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan, the medium-format darling Diana has invaded the land of flamencos and chorizos – Spain! To celebrate this visit, we present to you the Diana+ El Toro Edition!

Presented in a special package, the Diana+ El Toro was created to commemorate the Diana+ World Tour in Spain. The Diana+ is our faithful reproduction of the 60s classic Diana camera. Our version introduces enhanced features such as the ability to take pinhole and panoramic images, and options to use Diana+ lenses and accessories. Paired with the Diana+ 35mm or Instant Back, it can also take 35mm or Instant images!

  • This special edition was made in honor of the Diana+ World Tour in Spain
  • Film advance wheel has a special detail – “acohojante” (oder so) – a Spanish expression meaning “this is fantastic!”
  • Produces lo-fi, soft-focused, vignetted medium format images that the Diana is known for
  • Uses 120 and 35mm film (when used with Diana+ 35mm Back)
  • Get the Diana F+ El Toro Edition here
  • Diana+ Clones Microstie

Diana Clone Delxue Kits

I think I mentioned it before in last weeks Shopping guide, but just in case you are still wondering it is now possible to but a Diana Clone Deluxe Kit (Deluxe kit with a clone of your choice).

For a complete list of clones check this out or visit the Shop .

Get them here!

Lomo X-Pro Slide 200

The re-introduction of everybody’s favorite Agfa RSX II material as the new Lomo Slide X-Pro 200 definitely is one of the film highlights here at I took a few rolls out to the annual “Minigolf ‘n’ Beer” Coup in my hometown. With sunny weather, modest beer prices and the the beautiful Simbach minigolf resort as our host everything was set for a perfect Easter Saturday including everything from hole-in-one euphoria to early spring sunburn victims.

Coup de Minigolf:

Here’s little mixed in-house gallery

Pinhole Cameras

With World Pinhole Day coming up on April the 26th, we got a quick overview off our PInhole goodies lined up for you!

  • Diana+ (Try it with Instant Back+ for Instant Pinhole shots)
  • Pinhole Art DIY 135
  • Pinhole Art DIY Combo
  • P-Sharan SQ-35 Pinhole
  • P-Sharan STD-35 Pinhole
  • Smiley Pinhole Cam
  • Paper Pinhole
  • Zero Image Deluxe
  • Zero Pinhole 35
  • Pinhole Blender Small
  • Pinhole blender Large
  • Holga 35mm Pinhole
  • Holga 120 Pinhole

All these cameras are available here!

Stay tuned for galleries and all kinds of pinhole related contests coming up as prepare to celebrate the WPD festivities on!

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  1. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    Single rolls! Awesome!

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    But what about the postage?

  3. mandashitley
    mandashitley ·

    Yeah if you have to pay $8 shipping for a single roll of film... no way Jose.

  4. snoop
    snoop ·

    right now the single rolls are more for people who want to mix up their orders. but you are right about the postage, we need to figure out something. working also on a new shop and then things should be possible ;)

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