Do You Feel 10%, Punk?

Well do you? We certainly do! And because we are feeling so “Dirty Harry”, we’re offering a day-long discount in our Online Shop. Armed with the SAVE10 Voucher Code – and nothing that will cause damage to others or your wallet – you’re all set to go!

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EVERYTHING is off by 10%, much like…

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…the percentage in the cooking alcohol used to make some Christmas tarts.

Might we recommend the range of recipes from BBC Good Food Magazine!

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…Abramam Lincoln’s progressive Reconstruction Plan during the American Civil War.

The war, which took place from 1861-1865, saw the formation of the Confederate States of America which comprised seven of the southernmost states. In 1863 President Lincoln came up with the 10 percent Reconstruction plan so as to allow these states to be reintegrated to the Union.

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…the brain capacity we supposedly only ever use.

This ‘myth’, according to an article in the popular science journal ‘The Scientific American’, came into play and stuck around because we all like to think we have the potential to be savants and that a missing synapse is all that stands in the way of it becoming a reality.

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..the disco hit by American band Double Exposure (we’re digging the name!)

Have a listen to it here and boogie on down!

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…the fee of a client’s salary paid to an agent (mostly in show business) know as a “Ten percenter”.

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…the percentage OFF products Lomography is offering customers for 24 hours!

Once again, the Voucher Code is SAVE10! Use this at the Checkout.

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