Michael Massaia's Large Format Photography

Large format photographer and print maker Michael Massaia photographs landscapes, still life and city life with his large format camera. See some of his magnificent images after the break.

Michael Massaia image via Michael Massaia Official Website

At 33 years old, Michael Massaia has already produced some superb images with the use of his large format camera; and platinum and palladium printing. He didn’t start out with platinum printing at first. He dabbled in other processes before he found the printing method that fits his personal style of photography. Every image that he captures takes some careful planning and thought. Some days he would spend strolling around, looking for some subjects to capture. Every image that he has in his portfolio are made with one shot.

Michael Massaia goes through a rigorous process in order to produce these fine prints. After taking the photographs, he then develops the negatives himself. A large image is then reproduced with the original negative through contact printing. A mixture is coated onto the paper and then dried. The large negative is added on a platinum-coated paper, and these elements are pressed. The print is exposed for 5 minutes or less using a lamp. With this entire process, Michael Massaia achieves a nice tonality to his photos.

Here are some examples of trucks that he took photos of by the New Jersey turnpike:

images © Michael Massaia via Feature Shoots

Here are some images from one of his collections, “The Final Throes”:

images © Michael Massaia via Michael Massaia Official Website

Despite living in a digital age, Michael Massaia still believes that photography is an art form that is produced with a vision and technicality that is worth his while.

You can view more more images by Michael Massaia on his official website.

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Feature Shoot

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