LomoKino Presents: Join the Circus!

There’s something about the circus, the many pop-up funfairs and amusement parks that fascinate and entrance all ages as well as beckon spectators, and implant dreams from early childhood on, to join the team despite any hardships of being a performer! Step right up to watch these LomoKino movies that vividly express this desire!

On your way to wherever it is you are going, and have gone day in and day out, you look up to see “Funfair and seagulls” in the distance…

Movie by frauspatzi

My, what a serene site. And the Ferris wheel – how you loved it as a child. “Juggling” all the options through your mind you think, what’s a few minute detour to this funfair! After all you needed a pick-me-up anyways!

Movie by frauspatzi

You take an unmarked path through the woods where a friendly lady greets you…and she juggles like no other! This is getting surreal.

But what’s next is even more bizzare! A “Pretty Horese on the carousel” is the first ride you encounter – another childhood favorite. You can’t believe your eyes when the man with a horse’s head wanders off the ride.

Movie by susielomovitz

Somewhat Lynchian, forever intriguing, you know one thing – you’re staying put at this funfair!

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