A Railway Dream: Bukit Timah Railway Station

A last look at one of our beloved railway stations.

Bukit Timah Railway Station is a crossing loop railway station located along Bukit Timah Road, in Singapore, operated by the KTM Railway. In older days, it serves as a popular form of transportation for locals traveling to and fro Singapore and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru).

In July this year, following a historic land-swap agreement between the Singapore and Malaysia governments, the line was declared closed. Hundreds flocked to have a last look at the station before it’s final operation.

A couple of friends and I made a trip along the railway at Bukit Timah Road, and also the stretch near Queenstown, to savour the last moments while taking in the beauty of the sights along the railway line.

Though the mood was lighthearted, in our hearts we all silently mourned the loss for our children who will never get the chance to take the KTM from Singapore to JB.

written by scrabbyknees on 2011-11-26 #places #singapore #location #urban-adventures #ktm #escape-from-the-city #bukit-timah-railway

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