Mixed Media Photo Collage - The Basics and Beyond


With this more art based approach to a photo collage, the only limit is your imagination! Be bold with patterns, colours and embellishments to create your own masterpiece.

I have long been a lover of mixing as many media as possible, and before I joined Lomo I did a lot of crafting and I still do. Another passion of mine is paper, all types of paper, but especially Japanese hand made and origami papers. These papers are what inspired this project and tipster. While you can use coloured photos for this technique, I would recommend B&W.

Tools and materials:

  • B&W Photographs
  • Various patterned and solid coloured papers or card
  • Craft Knife/Scalpel
  • Metal Ruler
  • Spray Mount Glue or a Glue Stick
  • SandPaper
  • Inks or ink pads
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Letraset/Decadry rub on lettering
Credits: asharnanae

While I have stopped my use of materials there, you could go on adding further, with markers, gold leaves or paint.

Step One:
Select your photo. Then choose a patterned paper and matching solid coloured paper to act as a background. Mount these to your photograph. Carefully cut away pieces of the photograph with the knife and look for interesting shapes with the photo. It’s handy to have a cutting mat or some old newspaper at this point so you don’t scar your work surface. Also, never cut towards you!

Step Two:
Now distress the photo with the sand paper by carefully running it over the edges and on some parts of the photograph. This will help your print to pick up the ink colour later. You can use masking tape to prevent other areas from being distressed. Once that’s done, cut your patterned paper to the original size of your print. Your solid coloured mount should be 1cm bigger. This will give you a patterned background for your print so that you can stick a coloured mount that will be half a centimeter bigger all the way around.

Step Three:
Next is the really fun part. You can start to add anything else that you want as embellishments. I have used ink pads to add colour, rub-on lettering to add a poem, and a sewing machine to add stitched details. Paint or markers could also be added at this point. I would recommend experimenting with a few techniques before you try them out for your final print! I also decided to make a group of prints which would be displayed as set of four.

Credits: asharnanae

Step Four:
Carefully stick your photo collage down onto your solid coloured mounting card and arrange in sequence if applicable and enjoy your creation!

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  1. ginny
    ginny ·

    Amazing result!

  2. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    oops... just noticed that Step one is a bit odd in sentence structure..... now I am dyslexic, and what I wrote may have been edited, the photos are in different places.... but Step one should read:

    "........ Then choose a patterned paper and matching solid coloured paper to act as a background mount to your photograph. Carefully cut away pieces of the photograph with the knife, look for interesting shapes within the photo........."

    Small difference maybe, but it makes a lot more sense, well, it does to me...... :)

  3. xaviru
    xaviru ·

    amazing! I'm tempted to do something similar (but not for the rumble), I have lots of origami papers... I'm an origami addicted! beautiful result!

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