A Fancy Dress is Fun to Shoot!

This is a personal story of why I love attending any event in a fancy dress and how it brings people out of their shell. It makes them more keen to be photographed and makes a far more exciting subject than your average portrait.

Since being a student in Leeds, one of the biggest student towns in the UK some years ago, I have been a huge fan of fancy dress events either in people’s homes as parties, or in nightclubs and bars around the town. Of course I love to dress up myself and have had almost as many disguises over the years as Mr. Benn. I think part of the fun of the fancy dress event you are going to is planning what you are going to wear and putting it all together in front of a mirror.

Credits: fletchinski84 & kneehigh85

What I love even more than that however, is seeing what everyone else wears at these parties, evenings, events. Some people are so super creative with their outfits, that not only am I exceedingly jealous at their creative nature (which I am somewhat lacking in!), I adore people watching and seeing all the different ideas people have come up with.

I also like how people can really come out of their shell when they are dressed up and it is often as though having these outfits can make them a more confident person all round. This is great for me as I am a super chatty person anyway and like to meet people whenever and wherever I go. It is also great because it means people who could otherwise be quite shy about having their photo taken are happy to pose for a portrait or two – double bonus for me!

Photo of some of my friends from Halloween 2011

Photos of people with their faces all made up and different hairstyles and coloured contact lenses make for some of the most interesting portraits, wouldn’t you agree? Not that I have anything against the average portrait but it never fails to make me smile when I get my negs back to find Bruce Campbell, Super Mario and Gene Simmons – The Demon in my images!

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