Appreciating Films: Soylent Green

This is one of my favourite Sci-Fi films of all time. What I found interesting was how the “future” as depicted in the film is now rapidly approaching. How accurate do we think their ideas are, 38 years down the line?

If you have never heard of the movie Soylent Green then I urge you to give it a watch at your first available opportunity. It is a total classic and always makes it into those “100 movies to see before you die” type lists. If you’d like to read a more in-depth description of what the movie is about, then please refer to Wikipedia or the IMDB page.

It is a movie filmed in 1973 but set in the year 2022 and it paints a pretty negative picture of what might happened on Planet Earth by that point. We are almost at 2012 now, making the year 2022 the very near future. It’s fun, if not a bit disconcerting, to see what they got right back then, and what they got oh so very wrong.

The biggest problems that the world faced in this fictional future are massive population growth and pollution on an epic scale, which have led, in turn to food shortages for everyone. It would be easy for me, a viewer in the Western world, to think that this is really far removed from how the world really is at the moment and dismiss it as the fiction that it is. But if we look to third world countries, where famine is a very real problem and pollution is rapidly diminishing the food sources we take for granted, then I guess you could say the creator of this story got things very very right.

What Soylent Green does envisage might have happened to solve the problem of the depleted food has not occurred yet, and hopefully never will. The processed wafer type meals being dished out by the authorities to the masses are discovered to contain some added ingredients that would leave a bitter taste in the mouths of most consumers.

Give the film a watch and find out for yourselves what Soylent Green is made of — would you be able to stomach it?

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