Celebrating Bonfire Night at the Local Pub


Every year, my friends and I tend to go to the massive Bonfire Night events put on for free by Leeds City Council thinking that they will be the biggest and therefore the best. This year however, we decided to take a gamble and go to a small and quaint celebration at The Bay Horse Pub, just up the road from our house – this definitely paid off!

Credits: fletchinski84

If you are unfamiliar with the background to the 5th November, you can read an excellent article by plasticpopsicle all about it here. We Brits choose to celebrate this by having bonfires where we burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes (usually made by children out of straw and old clothes), which is a bit dark when you think about it isn’t it? Anyway, we also have fireworks, eat toffee apples, and play with sparklers as well.

Credits: fletchinski84

This year at the pub, not too far from my home, was one of the best celebrations I have been to. It was a small affair but it didn’t cost anything to enter and it had a real local family atmosphere. We had even gone with our friend’s family who had adopted us for the evening. There were lots of fireworks (possibly a bit dangerously close to the trees, but all catastrophes were avoided thank goodness!), decent ale and food bought round on platters by the bar staff for the smallest amount of money (hot pork pie and mushy peas for just £2? Yes please!).

Credits: fletchinski84

This was a great opportunity to feel a part of the community and chat to people who are virtually our neighbours, as well as see some brilliant fireworks, have a few drinks, and eat great food, all just a stone’s throw away from our own home.

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  1. pzjo
    pzjo ·

    some nice shots :) the first one in particular!

  2. lamp
    lamp ·

    Good stuff! Liking the knitwear too :)

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