How to Make a LomoCollage With the LomoKino Super 35


I was inspired by Kevin Meredith’s art combining different photos. With the LomoKino 35, you can easily combine pictures of the same person to make a collage.Not only can you make cool movies, you can also come up with cool photos!

I tried this tipster on my Windows-based personal computer. Here are the things that you need:

  • LomoKino Super 35
  • One roll of Film, I am using Centuria 100
  • A flatbed scanner, I am using Canon 5600F
  • CorelDRAW X5
  • Windows Live Movie Maker (Build 15.4)

Just follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Remember to take photos of someone in only one position. (Widen your creativity! Take photos in other positions, not just standing up!)
Step 2: Crank your LomoKino and move it from ground level all the way up — do this continuously while making sure your subject does not move at all.
Step 3: Post process your film. You can get the result after scanning about 6 normal exposures.
Step 4: Crop each one and you’ll get about 24 exposures on each 6 normal exposure.
Step 5: With CorelDraw X5, combine your photos. Just match it up and export it as .JPG.

Credits: istionojr

NOTE: Don’t forget to make a movie after doing the LomoCollage. I used Windows Live Movie Maker set on 5 fps.

See the video here :

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    Cool cool my Kino!

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    Nice tip Yoga :)

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    love the collage! and the movie!!

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    the direct link of the video :…

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    the creative @istionojr ! :D

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    Original thinking

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