Lomography in MTV Brazil


Last week, the TV Program Acesso MTV made a very cool article about Lomography! The host Marimoon and the celebrity lomographer Jorge Sato, talked about the analogue photography universe. Check it out!

Those 2 are very skilled Lomographers, and they went to the Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo to show a little something about the tips and tricks, cameras, accessories, how to use the films, and all the other cool Lomography apparel.

You can see everything in the video below.

written by lgs_saopaulo on 2011-11-22 #news #lomography #jorge-sato #marymoon #mtv-brazil
translated by caioantunes


  1. marriedtomyholga
    marriedtomyholga ·

    I wish the media in the states would cover lomography more....

  2. geek-ersatz
    geek-ersatz ·

    You can't imagine how this article made my day.
    I was about to go outside with my dslr, but bumped into the last Lomography update on Facebook with the link of this video. And I thought " Why going out with something digital when we can have analogue ?"
    & now, I'm taking my Diana to Leave the Digital Grind Behind.
    This article reminded me the prophecies we mustn't forget. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. jorgesato
    jorgesato ·

    cool!! really really thanks Lomography!! :D

  4. lomoculture
    lomoculture ·

    Jorge, SUPERB :)

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