Kusu Island: For the Love of Turtles


Located south of Singapore, Kusu Island is a charming little island full of turtles.

Kusu Island or “Tortoise Island”, is a small island south of Singapore. The origin of the island’s name comes from the legend that a magical tortoise turned itself into an island to save two shipwrecked sailors – a Malay and a Chinese. In order to give thanks, the Malay sailor built a Muslim kramat (keramat) or shrine and the Chinese sailor, a Taoist shrine on the island.

Offerings and ornaments hang from the trees that lead up the stairway to the Kramat. At the Taoist shrine, there is a small area where tortoises can freely crawl around.

The atmosphere on the island is calm and peaceful, and there is hardly anyone on the island, except for the family tending to the kramat and the shrine. It’s a lovely place to go on a weekend to escape the crowds.

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    AWESOME gallery!!! i went there last week but was heavy downpour :(

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