LomoKino Presents: Vantage Points

We climb to the top of structures for the view – to see beyond our day-to-day horizon which often ends at a large building across the road. These LomoKino productions take you up and beyond the view out your window. Climb on over to the article, to your vantage point.


Movie by kumquatquat

With the vastness of the flat land, the hyper modern looking domes and structures that at the same time appear hundreds of years old, untouched and unvisited for so long that we fear our protagonist may topple the tower that appears uprooted and leaning from the low angle shot.

Reminiscent of the 1968 “Planet of the Apes”, owing to the subtle Technicolor process used which looks more like LomoKino films than the fantastical pictures produced today, Teufelsberg is in actual fact an artificial hill in Berlin built following World War II. The structures that appear in the piece by kumquatquat are a part of the former US listening station built and operated by NASA.

The Rooftop

Movie by reneg88

This LomoKinographer truly knows how to place the audience in his shoes!

Climbing the stairs to the top, phew, catch a breath and then spin a carefree circle, teetering, then climbing some more, the clouds within reach, all the while we shout in caution “mind the gap”! And by gap we of course mean the bottomless abyss that is the concrete jungle, appropriately painted green.

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