Nation of Pomation and His Weapon of Choice, Kodak T-Max 100

When we asked what it is that’s making him grab his camera and shoot some more, he supplied us with a lot of reasons and one of them is this film which he considers his one and only Weapon of Choice!

Name: Adrian Douglas Gilliam
Weapon of Choice: Kodak T-Max 100

Why is this film your weapon of choice?

I was given a bunch of T-Max in 35mm as a gift by a friend and it is one of the films I’ve had the opportunity to shoot many rolls of. I love it because it delivers great contrast between mid-tones and at the same time makes very pretty dark tones. At ISO 100, it’s a perfect match for a plastic camera to shoot outdoors and it delivers minimal grain, which is nice for making prints, which I’ve a few of off of T-Max 100 negatives and they’ve all been incredibly detailed when blown up to 5×7. There are just certain films that take to the kind of light that comes through plastic and single glass lenses, and I think T-Max 100 is one of those films. If you’re developing for yourself and you have either D-76 or the T-Max developer, it’s also a great time saver.

That’s why it’s my weapon of choice.

Credits: nation_of_pomation

It could be your favourite film emulsion, a cheap plastic toy camera or the most fun accessory you have and they are your Weapon of Choice! Want yours to be seen here next week? Then just drop us a line at and you’ll get to show everyone what your Lomo snaps are made of!

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