The Diana+ World Tour in Spain


Following the successful stops to Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Portugal, our ultra-talented plastic beauty Diana will be setting foot in Spain!

Along with the Detrich collection and Diana Vignettes submitted by Spanish Lomographers, a very special exhibition of Diana cameras customized by Spanish artists and celebrities will be on display. Ever imagined the Diana in a wedding dress? That’s just one of the highlights that you have to watch out for! Other brilliantly-designed versions will be exhibited, as well as the Diana El Toro. Coming to you in Madrid and Barcelona – say Hola to Diana!

We now introduce you to the talented slew of artists and celebrities who playfully customized the Diana:

Andreu Buenafuente

Well-known in Spain and South America. Multi-talented, creative, and has a great sense of humour! Besides being an enthusiastic photographer and a Diana fan, he writes scripts, directs, and presents television programs – earning him a wide fan base.

Lorenzo Caprile

Is an outstanding Spanish fashion designer renowned for his luxurious bridal gowns and glamorous evening dresses. His devoted clientele – including princesses, the daughters of Spanish King Juan Carlos and the future queen of Spain – trust him implicitly. He has also created costumes for numerous theatre and cinema productions.

Dos Jotas

This Spanish street artist and graffiti creator plays with the “official” street elements, transforming them into “his own message” with a subtle, ironic and non-conformist twist. He has turned the Diana camera into an instrument of public vigilance, which he calls the “I’m-watching-you Diana” – and it works. Only the batteries are missing.

David Otero – El Canto del Loco

El Canto del Loco (“the Madman’s Song”) is a Spanish pop-rock group popular among teens (and their mothers!) They have millions of recordings sold, and won numerous awards such as the MTV Europe Music Award. They’re also Lomographers – especially David Otero, participating as a guest artist in the Diana World Tour, Spain.


The production name of two young Spanish film-makers and passionate Lomographers, Rafael Pavón and Ricardo Uhagón. Graduates of the Saint Martin College of Art and the University of New York Film Academy, they have worked with directors such as Mira Nair. Under the Watergun name, they produce experiments with film, animation and digital technology.

Baruc Corazon

A “democratic” fashion designer of unisex garments, for everyone of all ages. His trademark includes shirts with exclusive collars, silver cufflinks, mother-of-pearl buttons emblazoned with his logo, impeccable cuts and first-class raw materials. He’s a perfectionist in his craft, as well as in his photographic endeavours.

Jorge Drexler

El Ojo En La Diana
¡La gracia de lo imperfecto!
¡La bendición del error!
Cada cual es quien es, por
lo que hace de sus defectos.
La bruma de los afectos
que gobierna el alma humana,
nos libre de la tirana
fiebre de perfeccionar.
¡Que a veces sólo al errar
acierta uno en la diana!

English translation

Hitting the Bull’s Eye
Oh, the grace of the imperfect!
The blessing of error!
Each of us is
What we make of we our failings.
The mist of affections
that govern the human soul
free us from the tyranny
of febrile perfection.
At times, it’s only by mistake
That we hit the bull’s eye!
- Jorge Drexler’s poem for his customized Diana camera

This Uruguayan, Spain-based artist is a musician, composer, songwriter and a doctor! He has written hundreds of music and lyrics for popular Spanish singers and has also performed his own songs. In 2005 he was awarded an Oscar for “Al otro lado del río” (“On the Other Side of the River”) – from the soundtrack of the film “Diarios de Motocicleta”. His best story is that when he received the award in the Kodak Theater, he was not allowed to sing his own song, which was to be sung by Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana. Upon receiving the award, he sang the song in “a capella” instead of giving a thank-you speech. It is an honour for the Lomographic Society to have him as an exceptionally talented Lomographer – and a Diana fan.

Ouka Leele

Painter and photographer, she is one of the leading personalities of the “Movida Madrileña” in the early 1980’s. She believes that photography is “visual poetry – a way of speaking without words”. Her images, hand-painted in bright colours, are unmistakable. In 2005 she received the National Photography Award of the Ministry of Culture.

Mario Vaquerizo y Alaska

Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo are unlike any other couple. Multi-talented Alaska is an icon of Spanish culture; her songs have become veritable “hymns” of Spanish pop, hummed by three generations of Spaniards. As an actress, she is well-known for her appearances in films of Pedro Almodóver. She also writes for Rolling Stone magazine, a frequent guest on television shows, and has also presented her own shows. Her husband and manager, Mario Vaquerizo, has his own musical group – the Nancy Rubias” (“Blonde Nancys”) – an irreverent and provocative troupe including transvestites performing electronic music, pop and dance.

Kike Sarasola

Listed as one of the twenty-five most influential gays in Spain. In his youth, he was a great sportsman and Spanish champion of horseback riding during several consecutive years. Kike was one of the first men in Spain to marry his lifelong partner. He is known for his creativity in all fields and especially his flair for business, as creator of the rapidly-expanding Room Mate hotel chain which caters to the “cool” and modern urbanite. His love of contemporary art is reflected in the interior decoration of his hotels.

Herman Tertsch

Half-Spanish, half- Austrian, this journalist and author writes exclusively on transcendent themes of international politics. For three years he was Assistant Chief Editor of El País, Spain’s most widely- read newspaper, and directed the paper’s Opinión section. He is renowned – and feared – for his incisive analytical skills. An expert on the Central and Eastern European political arena, Tertsch was correspondent covering the entire conflict in the former Yugoslavia. He has received the highest awards and decorations such as the Great Cross of Civil Merit of the Republic of Austria, the Otto of Habsburg Award of the Pan-European Society, the European Parliament’s award for journalism, the International Journalism Prize, the Cirilo Rodríguez prize for journalism, among others. Currently he is director of “Diario de la Noche”, TeleMadrid’s programme of daily political news. The Lomographic Society is delighted that such an outstanding analyst has enthusiastically accepted our invitation to participate in the “Diana vignettes” exhibition, using the coveted Diana camera.

Diego Garcia Borreguero

A Doctor, neurologist and psychiatrist, Diego García Borreguero is the leading Spanish investigator of sleeping disorders, and the creator of the first Institute of Sleep Studies (Instituto del Sueño) in Spain. A doctor of the Max-Planck Institute of Munich (Germany), he is frequently called on to give lectures and seminars on sleeping disorders, worldwide. This is his first participation in a photographic exhibition.

Jose Ramon Bas

Autodidactic photographer and multi-talented artist, Bas combines photography with creating collages and writing. He is a tireless traveller, capturing images of people, children, and landscapes in America, Asia and Africa. His style is natural and unaffected, his photographs reflecting a full sense of joy. With numerous individual exhibitions in both Europe and the United States, his photographs also figure in collections of museums and foundations. He’s a fan of Lomographic cameras; his Lomo LC-A, Holga and Diana go everywhere with him.

Hugo Di Perna

Di Perna is an outstanding visionary in textile design, with his printed textiles and designs for classical theatre, zarzuela, opera and cinema. He favours a baroque look employing heavy, rich, fabrics, and is an excellent embroiderer. He also teaches courses of textile design and printing techniques in various centres of design and fashion.

Hotel La Paz

A new, young Spanish electronic rock group. Hotel la Paz performs with great energy and will be launching their recording this coming Spring.

Emilio Butragueno

A legend of Spanish football – first as a player (from 1984 to 1995), then as Manager, and later as Vice President of the Real Madrid Football Club. Sixty-nine times a player in the National Football Team, with thousands of goals and trophies to his name, (including the Silver Ball – Balón de Plata – of the FIFA World Cup), he hardly needs presentation.”El Buitre” (“the Vulture”), is an idol for all Spaniards, and for football fans the world over.

Antonio Carmona

Undoubtedly, today’s best flamenco singer and leading exponent of the fusion of flamenco with other musical genres. The son of legendary guitarist Juan el Habichuela, he comes from pure flamenco stock. He has acted in films such as “Gitano”(“Gypsy) with Joaquin Cortés and Laetitia Casta, had the lead role in “Go for Gold!” (a film sponsored by Wim Wenders), and also appeared in “Berlin Blues”. Before launching his own career, he was a member of the group Ketama. Carmona is also a keen photographer.


He has revolutionized flamenco with his unique combination of the art with soul, blues, and gospel, as well as his versions of classics such as “Killing me softly”, “Yesterday”, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, and “No woman, no cry”. In 2009 he was awarded the Discos de Oro and Platino (Golden disc, Platinum disc) for his recording sales. Pitingo has an engaging personality, and is bursting with creativity in everything he takes on.

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