Stop-Motion Animation: Our Little Love Story

Do you remember the Make Your Prophecy rumble? Here is the story of how we made a little lo-fi cartoon that I submitted for the said rumble.

First of all, I want to introduce the people who helped me make this video.

Bergrún was the one who helped me create the main characters for the video. She also created some of the scenes. Arnþór was the one who took the pictures and helped me record the sounds and the music used for the video. My dear husband played the guitar and also took part in making the sounds for the film. The last person on the team is me — The Lighthouse Keeperess. Scroll through the gallery below and meet Bergrún, Arnþór, my husband and I.

Bergrún and Arnþór were my co-workers at that time. It wasn’t hard to convince them to take part in my little whim. Invitation for dinner helped me to prove that they must take part in it :) We didn’t imagine that making a cartoon is actually a hard, time-consuming work which requires skills, patience and experience. We didn’t have any of that. But we had a lot of fun and learned new things every day. For example I learned to play ukulele (actually, I am much better now) and found out how Movie Maker works. I learned that Arnþór is a nice guy and Bergrún is one of the loveliest girls I know. We made friends. And even though the result wasn’t that amazing, it makes me smile every time I see it:

The Little Love Story from Kristina Petrosiute on Vimeo.

The story is very simple, but it represents my beliefs very well. It is very important to find a balance between analog lifestyle and new technologies.

written by lighthouse_keeperess on 2011-11-25 #lifestyle #analog #drawing #cartoon #lo-fi #the-little-love-story #co-operation

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