This was the London Lomography Southbank Meeting & Rumble Winner Announcement


If you missed the big Southbank meet up last week you can find out all about it here as well as find the winners to our location challenge.

Last month’s London Lomography meeting was a huge success- more then 50 guys and girls (most of them Lomography newbies) showed up to take part in the big London Southbank shooting challenge.
The London Lomography ambassadors were super shocked and totally delighted at all this new blood to sink their teeth into! For all those who couldn’t make it this time – here is a little taster of what you missed:

After Linda, the Lomography London Ambassador, arrived at the meeting point and seeing no one recognizable, she sat down outside and, as usual, took out a few cameras to put on the table in front…always an ice breaker…there upon a few timid Lomographers stepped forward, then more, and more, and more arrived until a great Lomographic – shaped gang of around 50 were chatting, snapping and raring to go.

After this Lomography cameras were loaded and all lenses were brought into focus, 2 different walks around the South Bank Area had to be chosen. TURN LEFT or TURN RIGHT was this day’s big question.

The “Lefties” dove into the depths of Waterloo, through the famous graffiti tunnel and onto the wonderful Lower Marsh for a coffee at The Scooter Works. Then down to County Hall, past The London Eye and down The Embankment with all the wonderful sights and sounds that it has to offer.

The ‘righties’ went down past the skate park, book market and down towards Coin Street to the beach….oops, those tide times are really hard to read you know and we were met by the highest Thames tide that has ever been known to man or woman. Oh well, instead we came across a strange flash mob of weird and wonderful brides and bridegrooms and the best Libertines tribute buskers ever in the whole wide world. Right?

Tired but happy, both groups gathered at “The Concrete” a surprise Happy Hour where many ‘two for one’s" were sunk, cameras retrieved and tales of the afternoon were shared.

The results of this crazy London Southbank shooting challenge can be found here

A big thanks to all of you zealous London Lomographers for taking part and a shout out to Ben who was the brilliant assistant of this event!

Watch out for the upcoming London Lomography Event in May!

The first part of the event was the outing, and the second part was Locations, more Locations and even more Locations! Here are the winners of the big London Southbank Location challenge

In first place we have locokid who walked us through the whole meet up. Be sure to find bicycles, cement mixers and some baskets in this location . For your efforts we have a brand new Diana F+ Mr.Pink Edition on his way to your doorstep! Congratulations! Stay tuned for an interview with the winner coming up!

In second place we have none other than kylewis for her location who gives a kind of psychedelic feel of the Southbank. But there is nothing that 40 Piggies won’t cure, right?

In third place we have lomopollypocket, who added a bit of sampling to their first Lomographic experience with this location That would be 25 Piggies coming your way!

We know we said that was it but we as we are feeling generous today we want to reward Chomdee a special mention for his superb location. Unfortunately he could not make it to the meet up but still followed through with a location well worth the 10 piggies we are sending over.

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  1. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    congrats to all - hope to see you again next time round !

  2. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    James CongratulationS! how funny we were just saying! Thanks for my piggies they'll come in handy LSI. Lovely!

  3. jazzgohan
    jazzgohan ·

    ok for chomdee and kylewis, the rest is just piece of deja vu and deja vu....

  4. locokid
    locokid ·

    wow! I am honoured and blissed out.
    thanks to all - can't wait to get using the Diana

  5. 3lla
    3lla ·

    no7 is definitely my favourite!
    I still find it strange that I pretty much know exactly where some of these photos were taken though

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