These Sounds Ring a Bell?


Our guess is for some of you, yes, but for most of you these aren’t the sounds of your childhood! Take a jump to yesteryear and onto our article filled with delicious analogue sounds!

Perhaps you’ve heard these sounds before but can’t remember where from. Or you might have even though these imagined, making appearances only in your dreams, nightmares and other twilight zones!

We’ll now present you to, or for some introduce, the following analogue contraptions!

  • Flash Cube
  • Film Projector
  • Rotary Dial
  • Record Changer
  • Manual Typewriter
  • Slide Projector

Flash Cube

The flash from this little cube is in-your-face as well as commanding – it even answers with an “about face”!

Film Projector

Steal away to the projector room of your local cinema and you’ll find a film projector alright. We wonder where all these old treasures are hiding however. Scout them out!

Rotary Dial

Could the rotary dial be our answer to improving dexterity? Well grandma can thread a needle through a hair sized pinhole in a jiffy and it takes me 10 minutes!

Record Charger

The record is picked up like amusement park goers on a drop zone, the anticipation builds, you can’t wait to hear those sweet melodies, and in the brief drop of the record you hear the exhilarating screams of voices tens of thousands of miles away. And the music rolls on and on and on…

Manual Typewriter

Jerry Lewis loves the typewriter so much he can mimic using one so well you think it must be invisible!

Slide Projector

Do you also enjoy imagining your teacher at the head of the classroom, pacing back and forth and often getting caught in front of the projector beam, with a curiously placed image or text on his or her forehead? For entertainment, and educational purposes of course, bring this baby back!

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One Comment

  1. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    LOL the teacher was using an overhead to teach us about hall passes in first grade. he walked in front of the light and "ASS" was on his forehead for like 30 secs and everyone was laughing lolololol and he had no idea what was going on...

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