Black and White Sensation: Ilford FP4 Plus


lford FP4 Plus is the black and white film made for everything you can shoot, and especially made for high quality black and white photography. As Ilford says, this film offers very fine grain, outstanding sharpness, and high acutance.

Especially made for high quality black and white photography, Ilford FP4 Plus is a perfect film for large prints. As the producer says, this film offers very fine grain, outstanding sharpness and high acutance. This film is perfect for many lighting conditions. I love 35mm film, especially black and white films. It’s awesome that Ilford has created its films in 120 and 135 formats. Great job.

I used this film when I went to visit a castle in the mountains. Basically, I overexposed this film (my camera meter was broken) but this was not a problem when I sent it to the lab to have it developed. I was very surprised to see the results.

The Ilford team did a great job in creating this film. As someone said “B/W photo captures the soul of people,” so this film is rather perfect for photographing people in the sun or under the moon, for producing great results even in very brightly lit or really dimly-illuminated conditions. You can’t get it wrong with this film. The very fine grain it produces is perfect for large prints, as this film is a slow one at ISO 120.

Basically, I have only good words about this film, due to the results I had after shooting with it. Whether you want to shoot nude, landscapes, or portraits, I suggest that you try one roll of FP4 Plus.

Unrivalled when it comes to high quality B&W photography, the Ilford FP4 Plus is a great choice for enlargements with its fine grain, high acutance and exceptional sharpness. Check it out with the rest of our black and white film selection.

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  1. rin2yume
    rin2yume ·

    I just recently bought a couple of rolls of this type and I was curious to see what kind of pictures came from it. By the looks of your photos, my impulse buy was the right move! Thank you!!

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