Must-Visit Outdoor Festival if You're in Seoul in October!

Do you love listen to music, go to opicnic with friends and will have a plan to visit Seoul of South Korea? Then I’d like to really recommend you this outdoor music festival which is held on October every year! Dude, follow my analogue pictures taken with LC-Wide & Horizon kompact!

Credits: afterain

It’s not too much to say that you can meet almost all young Korean people during 2 days at here ‘Grand Mint Festival (GMF)’!!! You can meet approx. competent musicians and independent bands at this festival at once so music-lovers wait this huge event for a year! Outdoor music festival on a perfect day of autumn is definitely to do in Seoul!

Many hot places of Seoul between young generation are quite empty when this music festival is held during 1 weekend. (I visited here ‘Listen to music’ and also ‘Meet & see various people’.

We can move to several stages of different music genre on the most hugest park of Seoul, Olympic park to see each favorite musicians and bands with just 1 ticket! 2 stages are on the grass so you can really let loose yourself and others are in the concert halls to much more concentrate on the music.

Credits: afterain

Colorful party flags made private ambiance of this event, feel like I was invited to my friend’s party and many audiences liked a lot them to take pic with friends. Me too!

Credits: afterain

A girl being alone among thousands of couples near her impressed me a lot. That beautiful scene with her was quite peaceful so I took several pictures of her with my cameras by instinct.

There was also a small photo-exhibition ‘Artwork zone of musicians’ to see different talent of various artists and I met some great analogue photos here including Horizon and LC-A+ shots.

Credits: afterain

Views between stage and stages.

Credits: afterain

I saw a Lomographer using Fisheye No.2 camera just in front of my sitting area! She was taking a picture of her pretty smiling daughter!

I’m already waiting this music festival of next year just next day of the event because I discovered a lot about hidden independent musicians and their amazing live performance such as ‘Black Skirt(검정치마)’ and ‘KOXX’!!! You should listen their songs on maybe youtube or vimeo. You’ll also see that Girls generation and Super Junior are not all about K-POP :)
22th of Oct to 23th of Oct @Olympic park of seoul

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translated by lomography_korea

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