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Miki Furukawa who was a vocalist and bassist for the Japanese rock band “Supercar” is achieving great success in various fields such as TV commercial, arts, and fashion. She has made a new band “LAMA” which is going to release new single and also she faces a collection of apparel brand “Gainan.” With such a busy schedule, she enjoys shooting with the LOMO LC-Wide. Here, we’d like to share our interview with her and a selection of her photos!

Name: Miki Furukawa (フルカワミキ)
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan

Please tell us about yourself.
My name is Miki Furukawa.I started an apparel brand “Gainan” and am a member of the Japanese rock band “LAMA.”

Have you ever used film camera before?
Yes, I used to use film camera but it was a first time to shoot with the LOMO.

How would you explain the LOMO LC-Wide in one sentence?
I’m really into it!!

Do you have any surprising stories to share while you were using the LC-Wide?
Since it was first time for me to use hand-wound camera, I wondered if I did right thing to take a picture.I was pulsate with thrill and excitement because of not knowing how my photos would be. Actually I ruined one roll of film because I opened back door on halfway of the film. It was fleeting.

New band “LAMA” which was formed by you released a single “Cupid/Fantasy” and on 30th of November,LAMA will release 1st single “New!” This time you mainly took everyday scenery. When members gathered for the live or meeting, do you take photos of them? Is there any pause in fashion?
I take photo while break time more than while working state so everybody think I don’t work hard. Especially after we made a theme of the day,we start photo session…yap I don’t work.

If you put soundtracks with your pictures here, what songs would they be?
Money Mark/"pretty pain "
Teams/ "Dxys Xff "
The Field/ “Then It’s White”    

Photograph can strike the right chord like music although it is indirect unlike language. Is there any photo which considered the situation intentionally so that something might be told? Did you get an inspiration from finished photo? If yes, please let us know.
Straight lines and curves!

If you could go anywhere with your LC-Wide, where would you go? and Why?
Morocco. Because I love architectures cloth and scenery there. Morocco is the country which I would like to visit.

Do you have any favorite films, items or situations when you take pictures with the LC-Wide? Is there a way of taking a picture or photogenic subject that you tend to like whether consciously or unconsciously?
I love fine depiction of scenery and plants. I should have tried double exposures. I’ll try it and want to get nice pictures.

What else do you want to take pictures of with your LC-Wide?
Animals and the sea.

Any advice to people using the LC-Wide and your fans?
With digital, you can shoot rationally looking at the results but I’d like you to enjoy the feeling of excitement while you are waiting for development of your film.It is analogue. If you could experience chemistry and magic of film, you can’t live without film anymore! Just like Music. Different band make different music. Even your physical condition and feeling can change what you get from same song. I’d love you to get experienced the magic which you make, with the songs of my new band “LAMA.”

Go to Miki Furukawa official web site

Miki Furukawa who followed with various music and has completed the time. The project “Gainan” for making the proposal based on a life is started from a 2011SS season. GAINAN means dipping up happiness from daily life and looking for the ground which is in the depth of your heart.


[ DATE ]
10.24 (mon) 13:00-19:00 – FOR BUYERS
10.25 (tue) 10:00-19:00 – FOR BUYERS
10.26 (wed) 10:00-17:00 – FOR ALL PEOPLE -
G building 2F 5-4-48 Miinami aoyama Minato ku Tokyo

Miki Furukawa(ex.supercar)、Nakako(iLL/ex.supercar)、Hisako Tabuchi(bloodthirsty butchers / toddle)、Norisuke Ushio(agraph) formed LAMA.
They released new single “Cupid/Fantasy” on 26th of October and their first album “New!” will be released 30th of November. “Fantasy” from the album is under broadcasting as the ending of Fuji TV’s TV series “noitamina” “UN-GO” which started 13th of Octorber!

Place:Makuhari messe international convention complex 1~8 hall,event hall,Chiba Pref.

「Miyako Music Fes’11」
Place:KBS hall,Kyoto
Band:LAMA / kururi(くるり) / NOKIES! / bed / and more…

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    In Indonesia "LAMA" mean "Long time". It take a long time for me to enjoy her great LC-Wide photo. She obviously one of top newcomer LC-Wide user :)

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