Ta Prohm: Amazing Roots and Trees


This is about a visit to a kingdom of wonder called “Ta Prohm” located in Seam Reap, Cambodia. Ta Prohm, is the one temple that painted my impression the most during my visit to Cambodia. It was a backpacking free and easy trip. So I did not read much about this temple and I could not explain much of its history. However, I could tell you guys how amazing this place is.

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Honestly, I was stunned and speechless for a few seconds the moment I reached the temple. Entering the first gate of this temple, there was already a huge tall tree standing tough like a guardian of the temple. It was “leafless” and I was told that it is leafless all the time and what makes this tree special isn’t just its height but during the evening sunshine, some people could see it in silver and some could even see it in gold. I saw it in between gold and silver, which was also amazing.

Credits: weechonghooi

Inside Ta Prohm, another amazing thing was that we could see the the roots of the trees. From the bottom of the ground, the muscle looked like roots of trees erected within the stone structure of the temple. Following its body reaching up, it is like touching the sky. It also looks like a huge hand holding up the temple.

Credits: weechonghooi

Before my visit to Ta Prohm, I used to watch it on TV and I knew this is a special must-visit place during one’s lifetime. However, instead of the roots holding back to the temple like how it seemed to mean, they are actually starting to grow more and starting to push the stone temple’s structure to collapse. Each year, there are different parts of this temple collapsing. Authorities are currently doing a lot of work to stabilize and to maintain the temple to its original well-known condition, some trees that were standing on top of the temple have been removed to reduce the weight on top of the temple roof.

Credits: weechonghooi

Every second counts in Ta Prohm, each year has different changes made regardless of restoration or collapsing. My advice to all travelers out there who would like to visit this place would be to visit it quick so that they can still see the most natural, original Ta Prohm.

Credits: weechonghooi

I hope all of you enjoyed reading about this location. For more very interesting information, you can simple visit its Wikipedia page

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