Recap: Multiple Exposure Workshop 20.11.11 at the LGS Amsterdam

A RECAP of the very first multiple exposure workshop in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam! Read on for the entire story + photos!

Credits: lomographybenelux

20 enthusiastic people filled the first floor of the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam, some are soon-to-be lomographers and some already sporting their own Lomography cameras, to take part in the first Multiple Exposure workshop.

Stephan (mephisto19) and Ehud (paramir) opened with a brief history of Lomography, the 10 golden rules and a short story about the Lomography community. The cameras available for the workshop were the Diana F+ and the La Sardina, and group got a comprehensive overview of the technical specifications and the operation of both cameras.

Credits: lomographybenelux

Once that was taken care of, the group was introduced with the Multiple Exposure concept, and with the help of some examples, different techniques were explored, such as camera rotation between exposures, “masking”, story telling and more.

Credits: lomographybenelux

After the theoretical part was over, cameras were loaded with film and the group stormed the cold streets around the shop to shoot their roll of film. With frozen fingers and big smiles they all returned when the mission was accomplished. Films were collected, questions answered and the workshop was concluded in high spirits!

Check these pictures taken by the crew during this great afternoon:

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