Can You Smell the Flowers?

Red? Pink? Yellow? It’s all about capturing the beauty and colour of flowers! I love flowers and I will share my experience while shooting them with you.

I love flowers. I believe that most women (or even men) do love flowers, too. Everytime I go out and get my eyes on beautiful, blooming flowers, I will get as close as possible to capture their beauty. One thing that attracts me to shoot flowers is because they are non-moving subjects and are easy to capture.

I’m currently studying in Universiti Putra Malaysia in Serdang. You can actually find beautiful flowers everywhere in my campus. I just love to walk around with my cameras and snap flowers (and everything else) that I find interesting. You can view some of the beautiful flowers near my residential college on the gallery below. I fell in love with these flowers right on the spot. I also love doing multiple exposures with flowers. You can double them with almost anything.

Actually you can find flowers anywhere – the park, along the street, or even the flowers in your neighbour’s garden. Flowers have been used widely to beautify landscapes and the environment They are also used as decorations in weddings. Flowers are also objects of romance, ritual and religion. Even the different colours of roses have different meaning and symbolize many things. A red rose is a symbol of love, while yellow roses symbolize friendship. This is the reason why I love taking photos of flowers.

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