June's Farm


Mountain scene, great-looking parish church, hang out or chill bar… all in one place!

Dao, Capiz is located somewhere in the northern part of Panay. After our happy campers club camp, some friends including I managed to visit June, a friend who is about to get married.

Visiting Dao is a new thing for me (except maybe if we’re on our way to Boracay, we always pass by this place). So I decided to give it a shot. The first thing I really liked about June’s farm is that their place includes a nice parish church. Built in a “modern” way, it provides local and townspeople blessing from the hands of the priests. Aside from that, wedding reception can always take place over the St. Joseph’s Center. The good thing about June’s place is that when you move over at the back of his house, there’s a little hill where you can view some scenery and relax if you want too.

Now here comes the greatest part! Relaxing over the mountain is such a nice thing to do especially during those long afternoon hours but it does really stop when night time comes especially if you don’t like waiting for a shooting star to pass by. What comes next is you head over the Poblacion (or somewhere around their town plaza) and chill in “hang out or chill” bar. Folks told me that the owner is a German guy but he’s not there and the people running the place is the German guy’s wife (a Filipina, of course).

We laughed the night we spent over the “hang out or chill” and made our way back to June’s place. While they were sleeping, I sneaked out and went uphill. Lying down was the best part. Why? I can wait for that shooting star to pass me by. Wishes, here they come!

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    Great Actionsampler shots!

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