Tepotzotlán is one of the best places to visit to get an impression of traditional Mexico. Located less than an hour drive out of Mexico City it holds the country’s most important museum dedicated to the study of Colonialism, so pivotal in order to understand the history of Mexico

The coolest thing about Tepotzotlan is that it is a very safe and an easy location to take photographs for it has a good affluence of tourists both national and international. The best thing about this place – aside from the people and the museum, has to be the FOOD! The market is amazing, so full of life and good, healthy Mexican food! Go for the mushroom quesadillas or zucchini flower with cheese quesadilla is a great option too. The non-traditional ice cream flavours such as “beso de angel”, “rompope” or “petalo de rosa” are not to miss. Then the esquites, which is grilled corn, has an amazing taste because it has all kinds of extra special spices.

In Tepotzotlan you both have indoor and outdoor markets which sell all kinds of Mexican handicrafts such as Huichol jewelry, silverware, knitting, and wooden figurines. Aside from being a great place to buy all kinds of Mexican souvenirs, the street snacks are also great at Tepotzotlan. It is also a very clean place.

It is probably one of the best markets there is in Mexico and if you ask around, the people there are most likely to recommend it to you. It is located 40mins away from Mexico City by car.

Finally, Tepotzotlan has the biggest museum in the world dedicated to the effects of colonialism: the Museo del Virreinato. It is a must-see location when you’re in Mexico especially if you want to have a taste of typical Mexico that is not the same as in the city.

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