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Fresnillo is the biggest municipality in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. It has the world’s most important silver mine and is the nearest place to the town of “Plateros”, home of Mexico’s third most visited religious image: Santo Niño de Atocha.

Despite its ever-present rivalry against Zacatecas city, Fresnillo Zacatecas could be considered as a microcosm of what Mexico is all about. Fresnillo is my town, or more so, the place where I always seem to go to back in life. It only takes a nice carne asada dinner from “el Chino” or soda water from “La Potosina” or a torta from “Don Pepe” to make my day feel complete.

Fresnillo is the biggest municipality in the state of Zacatecas and its most important landmark is the Mina Proaño, the world’s biggest silver mine. On weekends, the old part of it is accessible with a tour and you can also visit the newly-attached ecological park which showcases local cacti greenery and a selection of animals in captivity.

Increasing levels of security and the infamous “balaceras” have in recent years put Fresnillo in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons which cannot be denied. Anyhow, a little bit like Valparaiso, Fresnillo is about its people because there’s always been a cloud of everybody knowing everybody. It is the kind of town which stands on large family-owned business.

Most notable ethnic groups in Fresnillo are the Mononites and the Huichol populations, both of them quite noticeable for their skin tones and particular clothing. I was able to photograph examples of both near the “Mercado” which proves to be an ever active part of town.

Adjacent to Fresnillo, 5 km afar is the small “town of miracles” Plateros, visited by thousands all around the year, making Fresnillo their base before the start of their pilgrimage.

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