LomoAmigo Caio Palazzo Tries the Diana F+ CMYK Out

The music photographer Caio Palazzo tested the Lomography Diana F+ CMYK camera and the films Lomography Color Negative 400 and 800 during the tour of the Interpol band in Brazil.

picture taken with the Film Lomography X Tungsten 64 35mm

Tell us a little about you.

I’m from São Paulo, Brazil, graduated in Communication. I always loved photography, I believe that the 3 things that made me want to work with photo were a documentary about the work of Sebastião Salgado called the Spectrum of Hope, the first time I went into a photo lab and the first time I saw a large format camera, on my first day working in a studio at the beginning of college.

Will you still shoot in Analogue?

I’m fascinated for the whole thing, like the texture, the grain, but most of the process. Also like the possibility to control and the possibility of error, I see the analogue way like a more playful and magical thing. That sort of thing that you did not know the outcome, no matter how experienced you are, always a mystery to be revealed. You think, observe more, work harder and adapt your eyes to look more and shoot less.

You already have some experience in photographing concerts and tours of great bands and artists. How did you use for the Diana F+ CMYK camera to photograph the show?

It was a different experience. The camera is a little more unpredictable. Even with some experience in shows with analog cameras, she brought me good surprises at the time of revelation.

Define the camera in three words.

Compact, light and fun.

Beside the shows you did a very interesting project about South America. Can you tell us a bit.

I travelled by bus from Lima, Peru to Buenos Aires in Argentina. I visit Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina in about 2 months.

What are the photographic gadgets (camera, film and accessories) that you took on your trip to South America? What did you like most of the final result?

I took a Canon 5D with 2 lenses, a 35mm and a 50mm and a Nikon F3 with a 28mm and a 50mm. I love the analog result, the limitations of manual focus, lack of motordrive (which makes the film autoloader) and experience with several different films for testing, without much expectation of narrative, just shooting. The films that I took were: Velvia50, Velvia100, Echtachrome100 epp, trix400, tmax100, provia100, neopanSS, ilford panf50 think it was, hehehe I love the trix and panf50.

What place called more attention? If anyone wants to take a trip like that place can not fail to meet / shoot?

The small towns across the Sacred Valley in Cusco region of Peru is a place everyone should visit.

Can you tell us a trick or effective method that always results in good pictures?

I think everyone has to go in search for your own style, which will always work better, will be more natural, there are thousands of techniques, but there is no rules, I like very few elements and images centralized for example, tend to shoot more the horizontal, but it all depends on the moment, this interaction that makes the picture magical and challenging.

Which photographers have influenced your work?

I do not have much a guy who really influenced me. There are moments and discoveries, any wonderful work you see will influence you, sometimes I hear a song and I think photographically, I saw things in the Internet or beautiful books that stays in the head and when comes the time to telling a history, make a click, you end up influenced by these things. But is always nice talking about names, I love Mário Cravo Neto , Sebastião Salgado, Robert Capa, Otto Stupakoff, Richard Avedon, these guys were and are masters and deserve to be mentioned, among many others.

To learn more about the work of photographer Caio Palazzo, you may go to:

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The Diana F+ CMYK is splashed with the four important colours in offset printing. Packed with the same features are the original Diana F+, this colourful clone will surely catch everyone’s attention. See it with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

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