Soviet Cooking in Moscow Restaurant, Petrovich


Our big international company – students and aspirants from 9 countries – have found an excellent restaurant in Moscow, with traditional Russian (precisely, Soviet) cooking; it’s named Petrovich.

This place belongs to one famous Russian caricaturist Andrey Bilzho, and was designed and furnished with his funny statuettes and works. The restaurant is comprised of several rooms with a big assembly of old Soviet things – some stamps, pennants, radios (it was like we were standing in my old kitchen), ancient vacuum cleaners (or maybe they use it, when needed?), even the tables and chairs are so old! So when you get inside, you can feel real Soviet spirit!

This place wasn’t made for tourists, it is for Soviet people who want to plunge into the past. A lot of famous people can be found among the guests of the place, but when we were there – we saw only groups of quiet adults who like to spend their time in a Russian kitchen with a bottle of drink; like a soul kitchen! In the evening, there are concerts with good music. Our girls couldn’t help but dance to the Beatles’ compositions!

And of course the food should be mentioned! All dishes are from Soviet childhood – with good tastes, funny names, and they are not so expensive. We entertained our foreign guests not only with Borsch and Vodka, but with herring, potatoes, Russian salads, etc.

Here is link of that place
It’s not an advertisement, just a tip for a good place! =) Lomo on!

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