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LomoKinographers, before shooting the films you’ve uploaded onto the Movies section, do you pre-visualize the sequence? How do you work, as directors? Do you meticulously map out your actor’s every move or concoct on the spot in hopes what you capture will appear more natural?

For the perfectionist

I Don’t Like Anybody Else – LomoKino Music Video

Movie by phoria

We can just imagine the sort of pre-visualization that went into this LomoKino music video!

There are numerous tools to aid the director who has to have a good, solid idea of what the finished product will look like before setting out to shoot.

Storyboards, for instance, are the most popular of these. They can be basic visual aids, with stick figures marking the position of actors and noting the camera angle and proximity to the subject – if it’s an extreme close up or a wide shot – or, other times you’ll find they are finely drawn and colored works of art!

Check out article Getting Started On Your First LomoKino Movie for tips on how to enter into cranking that LomoKino with peace of mind!

We ask, have you any storyboards, notes or doodles to show for your LomoKino productions?

And for those who “roll with the punches”


Movie by elede

The title says it all! A dictionary definition of Undreamt: “Beyond what could be imagined; unimaginable”. This alludes to perhaps some premeditated thought though also the developed film being a pleasant surprise for the director!

Perhaps a photo or postcard taped to your vanity table mirror or some other artifact that you wake up to every day. Something simple that you don’t even register could be your inspiration, or perhaps ‘cause and effect’ overlap and your finished LomoKino film will become the inspiration in itself!

What inspires you? Where do you draw your creative energy from? A favorite LomoKino production perhaps?

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  1. elede
    elede ·

    I've got to say, this is truly an honor for me. From so many... mine captured. I also like the fact that you point out at the title "Undreamt" which I found in a Random Word Generator, I thought it was a brilliant word. And a little behind the scene, the music playing is actually a song I was recording at the moment, I took a small segment of the song sampled it and played it on reverse. An influence for the movie was more the fact to try to recreate the way I see memories in my head, some times I mix memories or dreams, is a parallel world.

    Thanks for the appreciation.

  2. soundfoodaround
    soundfoodaround ·

    @elede. Thanks for the feedback and 'directors notes'! And it is indeed a brilliant word :)

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