Lomography Gold Edition Cameras News Flash on Lowyat.net

The ever popular Malaysia online forum, Lowyat.net, featured the newest addition to the great line up of analogue cameras, Lomography Gold Edition!

Take a look on what just arrived at Lowyat.net forum news section recently, It’s the New Gold Edition Diana F+ Gold Edition, Diana Mini Gold Edition and Fisheye No.2 Gold Edition.

Photo from lowyat.net

Just barely one day after the official announcement, the newest Lomography cameras on the block and ever glorious golden cameras are making lotsa golden waves at the Malaysian Lomography community thanks to the shoutout by the ever-popular Lowyat forum. With a simple lowdown on the camera and link to the Lomography Society Malaysia website. The future is looking brighter indeed!

Credits: spectre

Read it all at Lowyat.net.

written by spectre on 2011-11-26 #news #malaysia #forum #news #requested #lomography-gold-edition #lowyat-net

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