From Famous to Infamous: Keanu Reeves' Mug Shot

You’ve read about some stars from many years past in the previous installments of From Famous to Infamous. Now, it’s time for us to view the mug shots of celebrities from more recent decades, starting off with Hollywood heartthrob Keanu Reeves.

Canadian actor Keanu Reeves was among the most prominent Hollywood stars during the 1990s, rising into popularity with his performances in several acclaimed films such as Speed, The Devil’s Advocate, and The Matrix Trilogy. Even with mainstream success, Reeves was also noted for his eclectic choice of film roles throughout his career, starring in lower-budget flicks such as My Own Private Idaho and A Walk in the Clouds.

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Despite his generally successful Hollywood career, Reeves had an arrest record and some interrogations that left him with a faint mark of controversy. On the evening of May 5, 1993, the actor was seen driving in an erratic manner, prompting the police officer who spotted him to make him pull over. He was then arrested for drunk driving, which he immediately confessed to committing in order to avoid any charge.

Although Reeves may have learned from his drunk driving arrest, it seems that the Speed star still has a taste for reckless driving many years later. According to stories, one of the activities that he enjoyed during the late 1990s was “demon riding” or driving without headlights at night. During one of these “demon riding” nights, Reeves crashed his motorcycle in 1998 near Topanga Canyon. The accident fractured some of his ribs and ruptured his spleen, for which he underwent operations. His large abdominal scar is a testament to this history of recklessness.

In 2006, he was again pulled over by the police at the Los Angeles Airport for allegedly running the red light, although he was simply given a warning and released afterwards. The next year in March, Reeves once again became a controversial celebrity for his reckless driving when he sideswiped a paparazzi photographer as he exited a parking area. Although an investigation was conducted, no action was taken regarding the said incident.

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