The World in Long Exposure


Here in Lomography, themes definitely play a huge part in selecting and liking photos. It fits every mood and sets every vibe of each Lomograph uploaded in our Community.

And because of that, we are bringing back this weekly selection of photos according to theme! For this week, we have chosen the ever beautiful and patiently photographed long exposure Lomographs. Whether they may be taken during night or day, these analogue photos are definitely eye popping and attention grabbing.

So come and see this week’s selection of photos filed under Long Exposure.

Credits: hodachrome, dogma, zark, kylethefrench, born-to-ruin, blackbyrd, reneg88, satomi, sugiyamasatomi, shoujoai, maximum_b, lolfox, inthesky, 5thdimension, tracyvmoore, jcasserino, ck_berlin, claudi1007, shrista, superlighter, the_lauris, paramir, glamorous_gabi, vicuna, eremigi, kiteflyin, nillerpiller, bravebird, wilfbiffherb & santorinihippie

Do drop a comment or let us know if there are any beautiful long exposure Lomographs we’ve missed!

written by mayeemayee on 2011-11-18 #lifestyle #long-exposure #community #selection

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