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More than just a place to show off your photos – it’s a collection of Lomographic memories from all over the world – treasured, loved, and linked together!

As our beloved Lomographic community grows, so do our archive of photos – and this is what y’all came for, isn’t it? The Photos Archive is more than just a pretty showcase of analogue expressions from all over the globe – it is a cool way to discover random places, things, people, feelings, cameras, films – absolutely anything and everything!

When you start uploading your photos, remember to tag them! The meta information that you add will help us connect all of your photos together, making it easy for other Lomographers to search, view, and adore your masterpieces! To start your journey, simply type in the key word in the Search box, and – boom! – you’ll be taken to a fantastic LomoWall of results. From there you can click on a photo, and if you like it, show your love by clicking the “I Like this Photo” button, or drop comments too!

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written by shhquiet on 2009-04-27 #news #photos #archive #lomography

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