Meet LomoKino Filmmaker Gamal Istiyanto 蔡正生 (Zhengsheng Cai)

Did you know the first LomoKino music video in China was shot by photographer and director Gamal Istiyanto – 蔡正生 Zhengsheng Cai? “I Don’t Like Anybody Else” by Joewi – 中伟 (Zhong Wei) was made unique and special by using LomoKino.

by Gamal, using LC-A+

First please introduce yourself!

Name: Gamal Istiyanto – 蔡正生 (Zhengsheng Cai)
Occupation: Photographer, Director
Lomohome: phoria
Blog/Website: WeiBo

Check out the first music video which was taken on a LomoKino in China:

Singer: Joewi – 中伟
Director: Gamal Istiyanto – 蔡正生
Editing: 蔡正生
Song: “I Don’t Like Anyboby Else”

Now, let us know a little bit more about you:

While we start, why not introduce yourself to us!
I am a freelance video director and photographer in China and Indonesia.

How did you fall in love with photography and videography? Since when?
Since when I started to shoot films.

Have you used other Lomography cameras before?
Yes, I am also using LC-A+

From where do your get your inspirations and ideas?
From the normal daily life. Now I live in Beijing, Beijing itself is a very characterized city. I could feel the ancient and modern cultures blend so well together.

Are there any unforgettable moments while you are shooting?
Sometimes, some people wanted to see my pictures immediately, their facial expressions are very funny.

What does analogue lifestyle mean to you?
Live your life!

Please used five words to describe the LomoKino

Which LomoKino feature that you like the best? Why?
The final product, where sometimes the images are lightleaked and multiple exposed. This unpredictable result is very authentic. Nowadays we could see many commercial advertisements or some movies with some “fake” lightleaks, but we could all tell that they are unreal.

The final products of LomoKino are very natural and real! :)

If there is an opportunity again, what kind of LomoKino video would you like to take?
Martial art!

If you could shoot anybody, regardless presence or past, who would that be?
The Monkey King!

Could you share with us your latest plan?
I am doing preparation works for a independent film for next year, also I would take an MV for an Indonesian rock band next year February.

If you could give the LomoKino as a present to another director, who would that be?
Francis Ford Coppolla

What’s your suggestion for the new LomoKino user?
Go outdoor, LomoKino loves the sun!

by Gamal, using LC-A+

written by rinchy on 2012-03-21 #lifestyle #video #china #lc-a #short-film #mv #lomokino
translated by lihooi

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