One Big Lomography Party at the Museumnacht 2011

It was one big Lomography party during the museumnacht (museum night) at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. With a LomoKino film set, scavenger hunt and many, many photos. Join the fun with this extended recap loaded with images!

The Lomography CREW at the museumnacht 2011

It was Saturday evening, November 5th, at 19:00, when the doors opened to the big Lomography party at the Jewish Historical Museum on the museumnacht. A huge crowd streamed inside and poured directly into the 60m2 Lomography stand, which was set up for a night full of Lomographic pleasure. And oh yeah, about 4000 visitors had a share of this pleasure. Lomography was rocking!

The eye catcher was with no doubt the LomoKino film set, with its professional lighting, courtesy of our loyal community members sjaak & nout, 2 LomoKinos on professional tripods armed with Fritz the Blitz flash, a painted backdrop and a set of costumes. This new member of the Lomography family had its worldwide premiere on Thursday, just a few days before the museumnacht, in Gallery Stores all over the world as well as in Amsterdam. This revolutionary analogue movie camera hit analogue photography fans like a bomb, and needed to be seen and tested. And museumnacht was just the right time and place, two days after the launch party.

Credits: lomographybenelux

Groups could make up their own scripts, dress up in the proper costumes and take places in the film set. The director’s chair with the clapboard and Woody Allen’s glasses and vest were waiting, and so were the LomoKino experts Niels a.k.a. kamiraze and Joost a.k.a. sjost. They instructed and assisted the filmmakers in creating their masterpieces and contributed here and there with a touch of their sparkling creativity. The most brilliant film titles were marching by, from Jood vs. brood (Jew vs. Bread) through This is not a love story and Sja-loom. We could not stop laughing…

Unfortunately, the LomoKino films are not yet ready for screening… The developing and digitizing process is one hell of a job. Well yeah, patience is a virtue. We’ll keep you hanging for a while longer, and on Thursday, December 8th, during the official Lomography Museumnacht Afterparty, all blockbuster shot on this legendary night will be projected on the big screen. Were you and your friends part of one of these productions? Come by and enjoy your own LomoKino Premiere!

But this Lomography party on the museumnacht was not all about the LomoKino. Just across from the film set stood Jos a.k.a. henkdevries together with Maaike and Maarten ready to give 11 loaded La Sardina cameras to the enthusiastic scavenger hunters, together with the assignments list. We knew that this game is perfect for a night such as the museumnacht, but we had no idea that the 11 cameras will be gone THAT quickly. Analogue newbies as well as veterans snap-shooters were competing against each other during the night, shooting the most bizarre and hilarious photos to complete their missions.

Credits: lomographybenelux

And these were the 15 assignments of the scavenger hunt:

1) Museum-hopping (10) – Museumnacht means visiting many museums. Take a photo of yourself at the entrance of each museum you visit for 10 points per museum!
2) Falafel break (10) – Next the JHM there’s a falafel place. Find it and get yourself a tasty falafel. 10 points if you come back with a photo of yourself behind the falafel fryer!
3) Night Walk (5) – Next to the JHM there’s a garden where night tours are given. Join one of those and shoot a photo in the garden.
4) Cycle About (10) – Play Eddie Merx for a few minutes and shoot a photo while cycling in the inner garden of the Hermitage.
5) Radio Barkas (10) – spot the mobile DJs and get a photo of yourself at the turntables.
6) King Jack (10) – Be creative and organize a meet & greet with this Amsterdam based band, and make a group photo with the sticker!
7) Marriage Boat (25) – there’s one museum where you can get in a marriage boat, only tonight. This deserves a photo. 25 points to the bride and groom!
8) Foam lab-ers (10) – find one of the seven Foam lab-ers (who became Lomo Amigos by the way) and get a photo with him/her. 10 points for each Foam lab-er!
9) From the hip (30) – it’s not quite legal, but all the more exciting: shoot the “Night Watch” from the hip. 30 points if you make it with the Lomography sticker in the frame!
10) Jewish Princess (10) – in the JHM you can become a Jewish American princess in no-time. This dress-up party is 10 points worth!
11) Yellow cab (10) – in NYC there’s taxis all over the place. Also Amsterdam they’ll pick you up wherever you are. Befriend yourself with a taxi driver and get a photo of you both in the taxi. A real YELLOW cab will win you 30 points!
12) The Big Apple (10) – is NYC, everybody knows that. Look for an apple in the city and put it on film with your sticker. Be creative!
13) Transportation double (20) – there are many way to get from one museum to another; tram, bike, bus or taxi. Shoot a double exposure of different means of transportation and cash in 20 points!
14) Fishy foto’s (10) – the La Sardina camera looks like a classic sardines tin. Find a fish and capture it on film. Be creative!
15) JACKPOT LIGHT PAINTING (50) – La Sardina camera and darkness is a perfect opportunity for some light painting. Set the shutter to B, hold it open and write with a (bike)lamp the names of your team members. If the photo comes out good, you’ll get 50 points! JACKPOT!

Curious who won this hunt? The winners will be revealed during the Lomography Museumnacht Afterparty, on Thursday, 8th of December in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam. Come by to see all the museumnacht LomoKino films on the big screen, get your scavengers hunt prints and party with us!

Last but not least – on the table we had a box full of film canisters. This was the scramble-box where everyone could dig in and grab one canister. Picked one with a little note in it? Lucky you! Prizes from workshop vouchers to films and even one La Sardina El Capitain were given away that night. Lucky lomographers!

Time flies when you’re having fun. To sum it up – a very successful and fun night! And it was all possible thanks to our friends at the Jewish Historical Museum – thank you again! Who knows – same place again next year?

Check out all theses photos taken by Ehud – our home Lomographer!

…and here is the film made by sjaak & nout:

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