The Namco Centre

Bowling lanes, arcade machines, and beer. Basically a hub of unadulterated fun just off the Southbank.

The Namco Centre is three floors of arcade machines, bowling lanes, and a bar. I like to bring girls here and show off. You can exhibit your masculinity by spinning bowling balls unnecessarily down the children-sized lanes, then head up to the arcade and spend 2 hours and £40 winning as many tokens as you can before exchanging them for a teddy on a keychain to give to the lady. If things are going well perhaps grab a candlelit dinner in McDonald’s upstairs followed by a cheeky bottle of Pinot in the bar. And what happens next? Probably a silent walk to the nearest tube station and an ass-out hug goodbye.

written by mzuza on 2011-12-03 #places #arcade #bowling #location #london #urban-adventures #lcg #namco-centre

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