Create Your Own London LomoLocation!

If you came here from the London City Guide, then it seems this LomoLocation isn’t totally complete in the online magazine. What does that mean? You could be the one to submit it! In fact, why not submit any of your all-time favourite London LomoLocations? Read on to find out how!

That’s right – we received so many great London LomoLocations for the London City Guide but we would love to see even more for the Online Magazine! Here is a list of some places where we want to see even MORE Lomography from you, the international Lomographic community!

Not sure how to submit your own LomoLocation? Scroll down for all the information you could possibly dream of!

by upic

What should I include?

All you need is at least 5 great pictures of your Location, then simply add a couple of paragraphs explaining what it is about this place you love, instructions how to get there and you’re ready! See below for more detailed information.

How to get involved:

- If you’re not sure of what a location should look, our handy dandy step-by- step guidelines will help walk you through it with ease.
- Upload 5 or more great photos (higher resolution the better – your photos should have at least 1200 pixels in either width or height)
- A couple of paragraphs containing four or more sentences each on why you love your location and why people should check it out.
- The exact address of where it’s located and how to get there.

written by devoncaulfield on 2011-11-17 #places #location #london-city-guide-lomolocations-lcg-city-guide

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