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Do you own a Lomo LC-Wide camera by Lomography? The first time I handled this camera, I felt very nervous.

What do you think of the Lomo LC-Wide? For me, Lomo LC-Wide is an advanced version of the Lomo LC-A+ that comes with ultra-wide angle Minigon 17mm lens. Also, Lomo LC-Wide has more features like square frame and half frame. If you want to use these features, you can simply use the brackets that come in the Lomo LC-Wide packaging.

Credits: adzfar

I have no experience using the Lomo LC-A+ before, but I think if you owned one, the Lomo LC-Wide is a great “weapon” for you to upgrade since its ultra-wide lens gives you a close focusing distance at 0.4m. So with these features, you don’t need to worry about the focusing for self-portraits.

Furthermore, if you love to do some experiments with your photos, you can use the MX button at the bottom of the camera. With the MX feature, you also can do panorama shots. For those who love to play with flash or Colorsplash Flash, you can attached your flash on the hotshoe slot.

Credits: adzfar

Just my 2 cents, bring your Lomo LC-Wide anywhere and try to do multi-exposure shots. The result is awesome since your photo looks very wide with smooth background.

Last but not least, using slide films in your Lomo LC-Wide is a great idea because of the coated glass optics that give your photos mind-blowing colors, saturation, and contrast. So, do not forget to bring along slide films in your bag!

Credits: adzfar

Sources used for this review are LC-Wide microsite and ePhotozine.

written by adzfar on 2011-11-27 #gear #review #wide #lomo #lomography #user-review #lc-wide #lc-w #minigon

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